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  • 1. (2017·阜康) 阅读理解

        You may have heard of the famous saying,"East or West,home is the best."What does the word"home"mean to you?How do you say the word in French,in Chinese,in your language?Although people usually know what the word means,it sometimes has no exact translation.It's not surprising,because the idea of home is different from country to country,and from person to person.A home is more than a roof and four walls.It's the cooking,eating,talking,playing and sleeping that go on inside.And at home you usually feel safe and relaxed.

        Homes look different in different countries.They also have different things inside.For example,in cold northern Europe,there's a fire in the living room or kitchen and all the chairs face it.In the south,where the sun shines a lot and it's more important to keep the heat out,there are small windows and cool stone floors.

        We asked some people about their homes.

    How often do people move house in your country?

        "In my country many people don't stay in one place for a very long time.They often move every ten years or so."


    What are features (特征) of homes in your country?

        "In Britain,even in town,there's always a garden.We have separate bedrooms and living rooms.But we don't often have balconies (阳台).The weather isn't warm enough!"


    1. (1) The word"home"sometimes has no exact translation because    
      A . people can't find this word in the dictionary B . no one knows what it is C . it has different meanings in different countries D . people can't understand each other very well
    2. (2) According to the passage,at home,you can do everything EXCEPT    
      A . making friends                              B . cooking and eating C . playing and talking                           D . sleeping and relaxing
    3. (3) Why is it important to keep the heat out of the houses in southern Europe?
      A . Because they want to breathe fresh air outside. B . Because there's a fire in the living room. C . Because they wear heavy clothes all day long. D . Because the sun there shines a lot.
    4. (4) From the second paragraph,what kind of homes people have depends on     
      A . whether they are rich or not B . the climate they have C . how old they are D . whether they live in the city or countryside
    5. (5) Which of the following is TRUE?
      A . People in Britain seldom have balconies because it's so hot outside. B . Some Americans move house several times during their lifetime. C . Homes look the same in different countries. D . Houses in northern Europe have big windows and cool stone floors.
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  • 1. Passage 2阅读理解 

     It was a cold, rainy day. My mother and I drove to the mountains. It was dangerous to make the two-hour journey along the highway in such weather. I didn't want to take the risk. But my mother advised that we go to see something at the top of the mountain.  

     After ten minutes' driving, we stopped the car and got out. Walking along a path, we turned at a comer. Gradually, the peace and silence of the place began to fill my mind. From the top of the mountain, I saw several fields full of flowers, shining like a carpet (地毯)before us. It looked as if the sun spilled (播洒)gold down the mountain.  

     A lot of questions came to my mind. Who created such beauty? Why? How? 

     As we moved on, we saw a sign that read, "Answers to the Questions I Know You Are Asking. " 

     The first answer was, "One Woman一Two Hands, Two Feet, and Very Little Brain. " The second was, "One at a Time. " The third, "Started in 1971. " 

     On our way home, I was so shocked by what we had seen. "She changed the world. One bulb (一株)at a time. She started almost 50 years ago. It was probably just the beginning of an idea, but she kept at it. " I said, "Imagine, if I had a dream and worked at it, just a little bit every day, what might I have achieved?" 

     My mother looked at me, smiling. "Start tomorrow. " She said, " Better yet, start today. " 

    1. (1) The writer didn't want to go to the mountains because ____.  
      A . she was tired of driving B . their car was running out of petrol (汽油) C . it was getting dark D . it was not safe to drive in such weather
    2. (2) The underlined word "path" shares a similar meaning with .  
      A . beach B . road C . bank D . village
    3. (3) The person in Picture ____ probably grew the flowers in the mountain.  
      A . B . C . D .
    4. (4) The passage mainly tells us that ____.  
      A . beauty always lies on the top of the mountain B . even common people have great wisdom (智慧) C . sticking to a dream will bring a big change D . we should enjoy every moment in life
  • 2. (2023·河南模拟) 阅读理解

    Time management has a lot of tips and tricks (技巧). And measuring (测量) time by a clock or a watch can help fix a lot of stress in the long run. A clock plays an important role in time management. It can greatly help us achieve our purposes. It also helps us say no to people wanting to waste our time. We can use it in many parts of our life. A clock can become our best friend in our life when we use it to get what we really want. The following ways can help us get started.

    Realize the power of 30 seconds. For example, if your house is in a mess, think about this. Failing to hang up a coat and keep a desk or room tidy happens when we leave out the quick housework. We can play a game to see if we can build a clean and comfortable environment in 30 seconds.

    If possible, exercise at a specific time. We can ride a bike, run slowly or take a quick walk for 15 minutes twice a day. Besides, we can try a running or swimming race with our family within 15 minutes. The 15 minutes seems short. However, it makes our bodies stronger if we keep on it.

    Go to bed and get up on time. This good habit keeps you full of energy. Going to bed at 10:30 p.m. and getting up at 6:30 a.m. is a great choice. It will make you active and is good for your study and work.

    Every goal (目标) in life will likely be fully realized by pairing it up with the clock. Therefore, we should learn to manage our time and make the best use of every minute.

    1. (1) Why clocks are important in time management?
      A . They can help us achieve our purposes. B . They are used in many parts of our life. C . They are people's best friends. D . They can help people not waste others' time.
    2. (2) The way the writer gives his advice in Paragraph 2 is ________.
      A . by telling a story B . by giving an example C . by asking a question D . by comparing two facts
    3. (3) What does the underlined word "specific" in Paragraph 3 mean?
      A . Free. B . Hard. C . Certain. D . Boring.
    4. (4) Which of the following is the structure (结构) of the passage? (P=Paragraph)
      A . B . C . D .
    5. (5) What is the main purpose of the passage?
      A . To use a clock to manage time. B . To give examples of clocks. C . To show the importance of time. D . To describe time measurement.
  • 3. (2021·宁波模拟) 阅读理解

    HGH(Human Growth Hormone)could be the favorite drug at the next athletic world championships, and we might never know it. It is a natural substance(物质)produced by the human body, and it helps children's bones and muscles(骨骼和肌肉)to grow. Scientists are allowed to make the drug and it is also common to take HGH in most countries. HGH is considered a wonder drug for children. It helps many children with growth problems every year.

    However, some athletes are now taking the drug. HGH helps add muscle in adults and recent research by the World Anti-Doping Agency shows that HGH may improve a runner's time by 5%. Some athletes say that HGH surely makes them stronger. It also helps them to recover more quickly from injuries.

    Although it is banned(禁止)by most professional sports, HGH is almost impossible to test for. The drug is completely natural and it will only show in tests for around 24 hours after taking it. Testing is usually done only during competitions, but athletes use HGH during training, so it is very difficult to know who has used the drug. This makes it very attractive for some athletes. Scientists are developing a new test which will find the drug in the body for up to two weeks. But it isn't going to be easy. Everybody has different levels of natural HGH in their body.

    For this reason, scientists are warning athletes of the possible problems with the drug. Research shows that HGH can give people headaches, pains and—more dangerously—bigger hearts. Finally, high levels of HGH increase the risk of cancer. But is this enough to stop athletes from taking it? Scientists don't think so. Some athletes will do all they can to win, and worry about their health later.

    1. (1) Which of these statements is NOT true?
      A . HGH is a natural substance. B . HGH is needed to help bones and muscles grow. C . HGH is used as medicine for children. D . HGH is not allowed to produce in many countries.
    2. (2) What does the second paragraph mainly tell us?
      A . Some athletes believe HGH can help them do better. B . HGH is mainly taken by runners. C . HGH makes no difference to athletes' performance. D . Research shows that HGH is effective in 5% of athletes.
    3. (3) What do scientists say about the problem?
      A . Some athletes take no notice of the dangers of using HGH. B . There isn't any risk of developing cancer as a result of taking HGH. C . Health problems caused by HGH will stop athletes from taking it. D . HGH can be taken during a competition,so it is attractive for some athletes.
    4. (4) What is the text mainly about?
      A . Suggestions for new ways of detecting HGH. B . HGH as the best drug for athletes. C . The use of HGH in professional sports. D . HGH as a drug in the treatment of adults.